Introducing Mamoru Earn: Flexible & Fixed

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The Crypto Earning Platform That Rewards You for Holding Digital Assets.

Are you tired of traditional savings accounts that don't offer much in the way of rewards?

Are you looking for a better way to make your crypto assets work for you? Look no further than Mamoru Earn!  

Mamoru Earn is the new crypto earning platform that makes it easy to earn extra rewards for depositing and holding your digital assets. With two product offerings - Mamoru Flexible Earn and Mamoru Fixed Earn—you can choose the option that best suits your financial goals.  

Flexible Earn  

Mamoru Flexible Earn allows you to subscribe to and redeem your Flexible Earn products at any time from the new Flexible Earn platform. Subscriptions are immediate, and once you subscribe, you begin earning daily rewards as early as the following day.  

Make flexible withdrawals by terminating a subscription at any point.  Once you terminate a Flexible Earn subscription, your assets, and rewards are processed and transferred to your Mamoru wallet.  

Fixed Earn  

Mamoru Fixed Earn allows you to earn a higher percentage of rewards by depositing your assets for a fixed term ranging from 2 to 180 days.  

You must first subscribe to a Flexible Earn product and use the full or partial balance from Flexible Earn, to subscribe to Fixed Earn. Fixed Earn subscriptions are immediate and once you subscribe, you begin earning rewards as early as the following day. 

Early termination is NOT possible with Fixed Earn, and your assets are committed to the subscription until the end of the term.  

Once the term length has ended, your assets and rewards are processed and transferred back to your original Flexible Earn subscription. From there, you can decide to keep the asset subscribed to Flexible Earn and continue earning rewards, or terminate it. 

At Mamoru, we prioritize customers' account and asset security while providing seamless user experience on the platform. Our advanced security measures ensure that your assets are always safe and secure, while our intuitive interface makes it simple for you to start earning rewards on your crypto assets. 

Say goodbye to traditional savings accounts and hello to Mamoru Flexible & Fixed Earn. With Mamoru Earn, you can get the most out of your crypto assets and watch them grow. Join us today and start earning.

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