Mamoru’s Statement on the FTX Liquidity Situation

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As the crypto industry faces liquidity issues, due to the news of FTX’s liquidity crisis, we thought it was important to provide clarity around these challenges.  

Today, Mamoru digital and our customers are not in any danger of liquidity or credit risk. We have zero exposure to FTX, Alameda Research or the FTT token. All customer assets custodied by Mamoru are secure and held at a 1:1 ratio. Mamoru customers can be assured that they can always access and withdraw their digital assets.  

The digital asset industry has enormous promise and potential – however, for it to be sustainable and to ultimately reach mass adoption in the global financial services ecosystem, incumbents will need to provide clear regulatory standards. 

Finally, we strongly believe that ensuring consumer protection is critical to the successful operation of our platform, as well as ensuring a positive user experience for our customers. This blog post details our committed approach to digital asset security.

As we continue to expand our crypto trading platform globally, we will continue working with global leaders in crypto compliance and regulation. At Mamoru, we believe that regulation and government support is positive as it leads to fair competition and protects consumers, a key element of a healthy market. Mamoru is firmly committed to working with regulators to ensure a level playing field and a healthy global digital asset ecosystem.




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