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At Mamoru, we build crypto products that put innovation and security first. We strongly believe that ensuring trader protection is critical to the successful operation of our platform, as well as ensuring a positive user experience for our customers. By utilizing industry-standard wallet infrastructure, digital custody, hardware and AML & chain tracking services, we implement multiple layers of security to ensure that there is never a single point of failure.

Our multi-layer approach is designed to address the ever-changing requirements of the digital asset space and incorporates MPC (multi-party computation) private key encryption to remove single points of compromise, SGX key storage to prevent data extraction, and comprehensive AML(anti-money laundering) screening for leading crypto compliance.

Multi-Party Computation Cryptography

Our top priority is customer-protection and making sure that our digital asset custody environment itself, where customer assets are kept, is safe and secure. We have built a robust in-house encrypted custody wallet for storing, transferring, and exchanging digital assets.

The algorithm used for encryption of our custody wallets is known as MPC-CMP, and it is currently the most advanced automatic key-refreshing MPC algorithm. It is the industry standard for securing digital assets today.

Not only is this encryption protocol as secure as a traditional cold storage wallet, it enables transactions to be signed up to 800% faster than a traditional cold wallet. Mamoru’s custody wallet is not just the most secure exchange wallet on the market, but highly efficient at keeping up with trading demand in the order books.

Hardware Isolation With SGX

Mamoru utilizes the most secure servers in the industry so that users can be sure their data is safe. Intel SGX provides an additional security layer that prevents malicious software execution, even with admin privileges, and it is one of the most trusted solutions for handling sensitive data across all major industries.

The private keys stored in SGX servers cannot be extracted even if a malicious actor or malware has control over the server’s OS — as the memory space and the data stored in the SGX enclave are also encrypted.


Mamoru works with global leaders in crypto compliance and anti-money laundering to ensure that our platform and its users are never put in jeopardy from high-risk transactions. We continuously screen withdraws and deposits within the platform, freeze funds when necessary, and generate audit logs for regulators.

At Mamoru, we believe that a solid bedrock of security infrastructure is the most critical piece to building the best experience for our users. Our security team is constantly monitoring developments in security technology to ensure that our systems stay on the cutting edge and keep offering our traders the safest trading environment possible. As we expand our crypto trading platform globally, we will constantly innovate to stay ahead of the ever-expanding digital asset space, and the company takes pride in the confidence in our security measures our customers have given to us.

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